Male Rejuvenation

40 may be the new 20, but no one remembered to tell our bodies that. With our male rejuvenation treatments, you can make sure that the best years of your life last as long as your youthful ambition does.


Turning back the years is easy and accessible with our anti-aging regimen, using the latest technologies to bring youthful vigor back into your step.


    Our treatments have seen the light, utilizing the healing powers of red and blue light to reverse sun damage, stimulate rejuvenation, and keep you looking your best.

    • RED Light Therapy: Red light stimulation of the middle layer of skin, known as the dermis, can encourage cell regrowth and the production of elasticity-preserving collagen.
    • BLUE Light Therapy: Sun damage and acne can result in unsightly scarring, skin damage, and a risk of skin cancer. Treating these conditions with blue light can reverse that damage, and has been shown as an effective treatment for seasonal depression as well.
  • THOR Photomedicine

    Lasers don’t have to be all about heat; in fact, cold laser technology has been researched and implemented for incredible tissue rejuvenating results, and reduces pain and inflammation too!

    • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT): With the power of low-level laser therapy, we can apply red and infra-red light to encourage the body to repair tissue and clear out inflammation.
    • Photobiomodulation Therapy(PBMT):  Pain, inflammation, and tissue repair can all be stimulated using PBMT, a light-based treatment that has been shown to be particularly effective in treating arthritis and nerve-based pain in the back and neck.

    Using growth-factor technology, this line of treatments from AQ Skin Solutions encourages production of blood cells, elastin, and collagen for phenomenal youth-restoring results.

    • Recovery Serum: Post-operative pain can be persistent and difficult to manage, but AQ Skin Solutions recovery serum has brought an easy to use answer with proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans, and a host of other growth factors that speed recovery.
    • Active Serum: The damaging rays of the sun can result in photo-aging, a technical term for the harm caused by direct sunlight. This active serum can soothe wrinkles, reverse age spots, and aid in the elasticity and health of your skin.
  • Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP)

    Using a process involving the extraction of your blood and isolation of the rich, healing platelets held within, PRP based therapy is the newest innovation in cosmetic treatments.

    • Body Rejuvenation: Joint and chronic tendon injuries are being treated with this incredible, non-invasive treatment where PRP is injected into areas that are affected, avoiding the need for surgeries and medication.
  • Body Contouring:

    Have you done all that work to drop the pounds only to have your gym physique hindered by the remaining loose skin? Body contouring helps reduce the flabby skin and tone fat for a boost to your gym game.

  • Zwave by Zimmer

    High energy workouts need high energy treatments, and the Zwave system uses high energy radial shockwaves to elevate blood circulation, driving the production of collagen to restore firm, elastic skin.

  • Vampire Procedures

    Named for the PRP technology that serves as their foundation, vampire procedures use PRP to drive your body’s regenerative capabilities and a youthful visage.

    • Vampire Facelift: This procedure employs a two-prong approach to restoring your youthful countenance, starting with an injection of hyaluronic acid to restore smoothness and PRP to drive your regenerative abilities.
    • Vampire Facial®: This procedure uses micro needling along with your PRP to restore your natural vibrancy.

Sexual Health

Sexual virility tends to decline as men age. Diabetes, hypertension, high cholestrerol, and hormone imbalance can also play a part in waning sexual drive, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Using our innovative procedures, we can help restore your vitality. 

  • ED (Erectile Dysfunction):

    Isn’t it time you got your vigor back?

    • P–SHOT: PRP is effectively used to stimulate regeneration and growth within the penis, reducing the occurrences of erectile dysfunction.
    • Zwave by Zimmer Using ultrasonic shockwaves to rejuvenate your erectile performance is the foundation of Zwave’s technology. These waves stimulate the regrowth of blood vessels, returning essential blood flow to the region.