Light Therapy


    Light and laser-based therapies have been leveraging the increasingly well-understood power of light in the red and blue frequency ranges to help alleviate damage from the sun and facilitate regeneration of cells in the body.

    • RED Light Therapy The mitochondria in the cells of the dermis, or middle layer of the skin, have been shown to respond with regenerative behaviors when exposed to red light. These behaviors include the production of collagen, a substance necessary to restoring and maintaining elasticity in the skin.
    • BLUE Light Therapy Recovery from sun damage and scarring from acne can occur when treatment with lights in the blue spectrum is used in skin treatments. Additionally, this form of light has been shown to have a positive correlation to alleviating seasonal depression.
  • THOR Photomedicine®

    Experiments with low-temperature lasers have been yielding powerful results in the skin care and treatment areas, with rejuvenation, reduction of pain, and soothing of inflammation being found.

    • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Red and infra-red light, when applied via a laser system, has been demonstrated to stimulate clearing of inflammation and tissue repair in targeted areas.
    • Photobiomodulation Therapy(PBMT) Arthritis and pain related to the nerves have been shown to have a positive and pain-relieving response to PBMT, particularly in the neck and back.