Advanced Lab Analysis

Toxic Metals

The term heavy metals refer to a wide range of metals, some beneficial and some harmful, that can be found in the body. Even metals, such as iron that the body needs can be toxic if too much is present and they need to be in the correct amounts to contribute to optimal health. At the same time, it is vital to ensure that levels of harmful heavy metals in the body are kept low enough to be safe. A toxic metal or heavy metal test will analyze your blood to determine the levels of both harmful and beneficial heavy metals in the system to confirm if they are in proper balance.


The term profiles, or panels as they are sometimes called, refers to a wide range of tests that examine the blood, urine or other samples from the body and can detect a wide range of imbalances.

  • Gastrointestinal & Immunology
    A comprehensive stool profile is used to detect levels of good and bad bacteria and microbes, called the microbiome, in the GI system and assists in determining the cause of GI and digestive problems. Insight into the immune function and the cause or contributing factors of inflammation can also be gained from this profile.
  • Nutritional
    Nutritional profiles are absolutely vital to understanding a patient’s current health. Inadequate levels of nutrients in the body can contribute to a wide range of health issues including everything from depression and weight problems to migraines and heart disease. A nutritional panel will determine any deficiencies or imbalances in your nutrition allowing your doctor to recommend supplements or dietary changes uniquely suited to your needs.
  • Genomic
    The genomic profile, which examines differences in the genes and nucleotides that make up the body, is an essential test for determining health. Some genetic variations can lead to defects in the body’s immune system response as well as other health problems. Early detection of genetic variances allows for treatments to prevent or slow their effects and is an important step in ensuring long-term good health.
  • Environmental
    From the day we are born, even before we are born, we are exposed daily to a wide range of toxins. These toxins are all around us in our air, water, and food. An environmental profile tests the blood or other bodily substances for evidence of toxins from the environment that can be contributing to a current health issue.

Genetic Nutritional Analysis

Genetic nutrition analysis is one of the newest weapons in the arsenal for fighting disease. It is well known that nutritional insufficiencies and imbalances lead to health problems as do some variations in a person’s DNA, the new weapon is our knowledge of how these two things work together. This profile examines how susceptible an individual is to a developing a chronic illness, based on their DNA, and how those variations contribute to the bodies use and absorption of nutrients. Doctors armed with this knowledge are then able to devise a dietary and supplement plan specifically targeted to individual needs thereby offering a preventative approach to chronic illness.