DR WILLIAM CLARK is the founder and attending physician of OPUS MEDICAL and the founder of OPUS WELLNESS SPA based in Modesto, California.

Dr Clark’s personal medical story took a dramatic turn when he found himself in the role of patient after years of suffering with acute back pain that eventually required his resignation from the rigors of emergency room medicine and patient care.

Suffering the development of arachnoiditis, severe neuropathic pains and a tethered spinal cord, resulting in serious debilitation that should have left him bound to a wheelchair, Dr Clark experienced the darkest and most difficult season of his life. After seeking to find relief from the intense, constant pain from every avenue that Western medicine could offer, Dr Clark finally found the answers he was looking for outside of the traditional medical system. He has pursued a relentless quest and study of the healing arts on a global level. This pursuit led him to the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine’s Fellowship in Integrative Medicine. In addition, Dr Clark’s personal stem cell therapy has allowed him to return to the full-time practice of medicine and help those who are walking a common path.

Dr Clark has lived the story so many patients are experiencing. He has walked in the shoes of people who are suffering from debilitating diagnoses, and because of that, he is driven by a passion to heal the whole person rather than simply treating the symptoms. It is this passion and drive that has compelled him to open OPUS MEDICAL and serve the community through REGENERATIVE medicine. His desire is to see health and wholeness restored to every patient he comes in contact with.

Dr Clark enjoys cheering on his eight children in their many interests and activities, and can often be found pursuing fitness and fun with his talented wife, Kari.